Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review of Terra Nova

I've been watching Terra Nova since the first episode and I've yet to decide if I like it or not. TV networks have been scrambling to find a series to fill the void that Lost left behind. The setting is the Earth's prehistoric past. It follows a family of five that has left 2149 behind for a new life in the colony of Terra Nova. The head of the household Jim Shannon works security for the colony's leader Commander Taylor. Jim's wife Elizabeth is a surgeon on the colony's medical team. They have three children, Josh is 17, Maddy is 15, and their youngest Zoe is 5. 

The plot centers around the mysteries of Terra Nova and how the family is adjusting to their new life. The colony has several threats to deal with like the dinosaurs and a group they call the Sixers. The Sixers came over on the 6th pilgrimage to Terra Nova. They defected and moved into the prehistoric wilderness due to disagreements with Commander Taylor. Mira is their leader and the show's main protagonist. Several of the episodes have involved the ongoing conflict between the colony and the Sixers.

As I said before, Several networks seem to be airing shows they think might be able to replace Lost. Some elements are similar such as a group of people out of place in time and location, a constant threat from an outside group, and "monsters" lurking in the forest. But we all know that there will never be another Lost. The Shannons for the most part are boring characters and the people who play them are average actors. I haven't developed any emotional connection with them and unless the writing drastically changes, I doubt I ever will. As it stands now the writing is mediocre at best. The children's characters and the character of Commander Taylor are very cliche. Zoe is the cute innocent little girl, Maddy is the intelligent older sister, and Josh is a rebellious youth with father issues. Taylor is the classic hard-nosed military leader that has secrets to hide.

I don't know how a TV series set during the age of the dinosaurs can be so ordinary. It's entertaining enough that I haven't stopped watching it yet, but I do find myself getting distracted by shiny objects during the show. In other words, it doesn't hold my attention like a show with that setting should. I mean you think, "Dinosaurs! It must be awesome!" but alas no, no it's not.

If you wanna see just how bad it is, then you can tune into FOX on Saturdays 9/8c. Don't say I didn't warn you.


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  2. Damnit! Dinosaurs so it must be aweseome was my thought process. I was recording this and saving it for later but it sounds like it isn't worth it.


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