Monday, November 14, 2011

Steam- Heaven for PC Gamers

Every gamer should have Steam . It's a free program that allows you to meet and play with other people online. Not only do they have majors sales in the summer and around the holidays, Steam has 14 free to play games. Team Fortress 2 is critically acclaimed with a metascore of 92 and it's free! They have features such as being able to connect your Facebook page and YouTube channel to your Steam profile. You can even embed your videos on Steam. You can also set up a wishlist where your friends can see the games you want so they know what to buy you for Christmas! Steam has an easy to use screenshot system and they are easily viewable on your profile page. 

Steam is run by the game developers, Valve. They not only made TF2, they are also responsible for Left4Dead 1&2, the Half-Life games, and Portal 1&2. These are some of the best games to come out in the last 10 years. One of the great things about Valve games is that they are designed to run on the average PC. You don't have to own a state of the art system to play their latest game Portal 2 let alone their older ones. Valve never charges for their DLCs on PC. Most developers do. Almost everyone of their games have DLCs.

I play all my games through Steam, so the games I review are all playable through steam. I will link to their websites and store pages when I write the reviews.

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